About Us

We are excited to share with you our story of bringing La-Flaunt’s retail experience to you, which we hope you shall enjoy and make part of your lives.

La-Flaunt is a dream started more than 10 years ago, which has become a reality because of few, young and passionate entrepreneur’s belonging to our very talented community.

Having a background in various fields such as web development and designing, business enhancing and public relations, marketing and communications etc. These individuals Have collaborated and shared their experiences and expertise to bring forth a customer friendly experience of shopping to the digital platform.

In todays era where online market places have become the most handy tools for people to shop from , where social media helps to discover hidden talents, we at La Flaunt work to find you the most exquisite products that you will find no where else.


LA FLAUNT utilizes the marketplace model to capture the varied brands spearheaded by Dawoodi Bohra entrepreneurs, all under one roof. It is our attempt to help buyers and seller from the community to come together to form a community that conducts trade on one, unified platform.

We believe that this endeavor will not just help sellers to find the right platform, but also enable buyers to buy exclusive Bohra products right from the comfort of their homes. With the community settled far and wide, it is an attempt to bring the global audience on one unified platform.

We aim to unite the Bohra community on one single platform to enable easy buying and selling options for all!