Alien Invasion


( 1 ) In Players turn he/she must place his alien on the board or move an alien from the board to another position ( 2 ) Players when taking aliens from outside must always do so from the top of any one of the stacks ( 3 ) You can place an aliens on an empty spot or on top of another smaller alien ( 4 ) An alien placed on the board from the outside must be placed on an empty spout unless the opponent already has 3 aliens in a line . in that case , the player is allowed to place an alien from the outside on a smaller alien ( 5 ) you can put your alien your own smaller alien or the opponents smaller alien ( 6 ) once a player touches an alien he/she must play it . ( 7 ) TO WIN – The player who first arrange 4 of his aliens in a line either horizontally , vertically or diagonally wins .



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