Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes


Who does not love setting up dominoes? What about bowling? And Skeeball?

Now, what if we tell you we have mashed-up all these cool games into one cool humungous fantastic STEM Educational Construction Activity that you make?

Smartivity Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes STEM Educational Construction Activity raises D-I-Y to a whole new level of learning and play.

Based on the principle of domino effect, once constructed, this game consists of 3 different modules – STRIKE DOWN GAME, SKEEBALL GAME and BOWLING GAME – each of which is triggered by the colliding domino chain reaction set-up by you!

That’s not all, each of these three can also be played as an independent game!!!

This Smartivity offering introduces players to fundamental STEM concepts like a domino effect, force, momentum, gravity, elasticity and trajectories among others. Learning was never so much fun!

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