Count Down


Check to see that both the display windows are on START . Make a difficult word of 4-8 letters , depending on age , vocabulary etc for you oppenents to guess ( sample words have been given ) display the word on the display slots to face you , and begining from the right hand corner slot ( as shown in the above illustration ) start the game with mutual understanding as to who is going to guess first . take it in turns to guess on alphabet each , irrespective whether its correct or incorrect of the oppents word . for every correct guess turn the countdown wheel one place anti- clockwise . the opponent can view in the window , how close he is getting to drowing with his wrong guesses . the player who manages to guess his oppents word first is the winner . The game still continues , for the oppent to prove himself a second winner or a loser . while the game is in progress and you think of a new word then place the alphabets on the ridge provided ( as shown in the above illustration )



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