Kaadoo 6-CSK-Cricket Board Game


A brand new tabletop cricket game for 2 to 6 players.

Put the powers of top batsmen from team CSK to use and win by scoring the highest among the players. Now, # EveryoneCanCricketWithCSK ! A flexi-game board – your own cricket ground – that can be played by teams of 3, 5 or a maximum of 6. You even put the board together yourself, for added fun! Start scoring with the game tiles, but beware of the ‘Out’ zones. Then, there are Power Play tiles that let you score twice the normal! And, there are the usual ‘No balls’ too.

Think hard before playing every over, if you want to collect the maximum runs for the over or, deny that opportunity to your fellow-player.

Doesn’t that sound lots of fun, action and time together with your friends? Come, let the match begin !

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