Kindi Kids S1 Toddler Doll Single Pack – Snack Time Friends Marshamello


Meet the Kindi Kids! The cutest pre-schoolers you’ll ever see. These adorable girls are full of fun and play! They love attending rainbow kindi. A place where every day is about playing and making friends!

Product Includes – 1 Toddler Doll, 1 Cakepop Shopkin, 1 Babycino Shopkin

Hi I’m Marsha Mello! A little softy who’s as sweet as candy! With pastel swirls and rainbow curls I love all things cute! I come to life as soon as you pick me up, with big glittery eyes, my head bobbles with every movement!
I have all the sweet moves, watch me take a bite out of my Cakepop! Take it out of the wrapper and push it up to my mouth and see me take a bite from it!
Squeeze my Babycino and make the marshmallows move up the straw! Sck time with my friends is always full of fun when I’m around.
I also have changeable clothes and removable shoes! So, come and join me and my friends Peppa-Mint, Jessicake and Doti at Rainbow Kindi! We can’t wait to have a magical day with you!

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