Mastermaths Board Game

Here’s a game that tests whether you are a champion at calculating and figuring out the best way to score!
Throw the three dice together and use the numbers on the dice to reach a number on the board, using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Add up the points & get the highest score to win
Place your tile on a colored square on the board. It is not necessary that the highest total will get you the highest score, as the color of the square decides the score a number is going to get you.
Contains 1 Game board, 10 Red tiles, 10 Blue tiles, 10 Yellow tiles, 10 Green tiles, 3 Dice and a set of Instructions.
A strategy game for 2 – 4 players, it is suitable for children of age 8 years and above.
Greatly improves Cognitive Skills including Strategizing, Problem Solving, Sustained Attention or Focus, Observation, and Logical Thinking, among many.
Intuitive Game to play. Easy to pick up.

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