Peppa Pig Birthday Party


Let Peppa and her friends enjoy Peppa’s birthday with the birthday party set. This set has 7 tubs of dough, a cake stand, 28 different moulds and various accessories.

Use your imagination and creativity to mould and decorate Peppa Pig Characters, Cakes, Doughnuts, Cupcakes using 7 different colours of dough.
Comes in a carry case so take it along with you wherever you go!
Mix Dough to create new colours
The dough is not scented

Product Includes – 2 tubs of 80 g Peppa Pig Dough, 5 tubs of 35 g Peppa Pig Dough Cake Stand, 9 half moulds 4 sets of half moulds, 13 cutter moulds, 2 cake base moulds Decorator, 4 decorating tips, plate, fork Rolling pin, knife, cupcake insert, card mat

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