An extreme chase around a construction site can end terribly bad for one of the racers as boulders are being tossed in the air while they race and jump over a gigantic machine! A booster will keep both cars in top speed, but who will be the last one standing? Speed past the loop, jump over the ramp and be sure not to get caught by the competition, as any wrong move may cause you to fall off the track and lose!

• Motorized speed booster that keeps your Metal Machines racing all the time!
• 2 extremely fast and aerodynamic Metal Machines!
• A construction machine that tosses boulders to knock cars out of the racing track!
• A loop and a stunt ramp!
• Two Exclusive Metal Machines: Specter and Justice!

2x Metal Machine
1x Motorized Booster
1x Boulder Launcher Machine
1x Massive Racing Track including a 360°-Loop & Stunt Ramp
1x Crane Claw

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