The Bellies: Yumi -Yummy!


Meet the Bellies; the craziest, cutest and funniest interactive babies from
Bellyville ! The Bellies are lovely interactive nurturing dolls that come with heaps of
surprises! There are 6 Bellies to adopt with unique stories and personalities. Each baby comes with lots of great features. R emo ve the plaster and hear their heart
beat. They will babble and speak their own baby language! Place two Bellies next to each other, they will start interacting! Rem ove their diaper to discover their
cute birthmark! You will also find a surprise of another kind! Check the Poopypedia to know how to best take care of your baby and use all the cute accessories
included. Each Sold Separately, Please use the drop down tab to make your selection.

Key Features:
• Bellies are interactive babies more revoltosos , monísimos and fun to make
• Yumi yummy is very sweet, and loves to eat everything that puts you ahead, your favorite tricks is match the fridge and your favourite colour orange
• Full of Surprises: Plays your heart to take off the umbilical cord, each Bellie speak their own language Birth fun with your surprise… and a sorpresita in the
• If a yumi yummy seals with other bellies, together interact between them collect them all
• Accessories: sabanita decorated with donuts, bottle, and book cuidaditos identification bracelet ( bellypedia
• Suitable for 6 months and above

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