Veggie Cars (Set of 3)


Age: 3 years and above
D.I.Y. Build Time: 2 – 3 hours
Play Time: Unlimited
Parents Involvement: Moderate

Funvention believes in Learn with Fun. Veggie Cars Puzzle toys follows the same principle. While building innovative playing cars, your kids learn many fun facts about the food. It teaches them the health benefits of vegetables and importance of the same in their daily meal. There is no other great thing than making your kids to Love their food.

Veggie Cars are great puzzles for your little once that they can build it themselves to end up with Veg-Animal Combo Cars to Play around. Because our models do not require glue, your kids can enjoy building them as many times as they like, or leave them out for others to try. All our models are Laser Cut in house and that allows us to proudly say “”Made in India””. These toys are made from high quality engineering wood giving it a great rustic look. Kids can paint it with their own imaginations to make it most unique and personal.

It’s a great STEM educational DIY toy for kids and a very good option to gift or return gift on the occasion of birthday or children’s small events.
Made in India with lots of Creativity, Care & Love.

Key Development Areas:
Life Values
Fine Motor Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Creativity and Imagination
Organizing and Structuring

Learn health benefits of vegetable which you should eat everyday:
Vegetables are a great source of essential nutrients that the child needs for development. Veggies are low in calories and fat, which makes them a must in every meal your kid has. The higher the vegetable intake, the healthier your child can be.
You may have a tough time getting your kids to eat the greens at the dinner table.

Funvention has creative solution to this global issue. We have designed these innovative and engaging DIY puzzle toy cars shaped in different vegetable’s which children’s can build, color and play with. To make it more attractive for Kids each vegetable is linked with animal which are believed to love those veggies.

The booklet come with fun facts and health benefits of these veggies to make children aware of it.

Benefits Of Vegetables For Kids:
– Vegetables make your diet healthier and give you sustainable energy.
– Regular intake of vegetables, in the right form, can reduce the risk of different types of cancers and chronic diseases.
– Vegetables can be cooked in different ways and still retain their goodness.
– They have the nutrients that can boost immunity and keep ailments like a common cold and flu at bay.
– Veggies can also reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes.
– Fiber from vegetables can prevent colon cancer, high blood pressure and rectal fissures among other diseases.

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